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These plans are all "might come true" things, and true outcome might differ. Plans, regardless.

-No restrictions, other than killing a character (PC) of same race has strong negative effects. Point being, that players who want PK, can go lurking other races' boundaries, while those who don't want to partake PK can stay within cities of own race. (starting a fight in a city is never good idea - unless you know what you're doing)

-Going rampage (regardless of time-frame) against own race causes severe in-game punishment, part of it being becoming outcast by race and race-god, thus attacked by race authorities on sight.
--"Humans" deform into "werewolves"(?), which are permanently stuck into a form that is mix of wolf and human.

Skills (and their advancement)

-Character's "class" (mainly title) is determined by the class of three highest skills.

-Skills are divided into subgroups by class, which are "fighting", "crafting", "magery", "thievery"(?), and maybe something else.

-A character needs to learn a skill from somewhere. Once character finds new skill, he will learn that there is such skill (aware), then he must watch how it is done (basic knowledge), then he must succeed with it for the first time (level 1).
-How much a character has watched a certain skill used, the greater is his basic knowledge, thus higher chance to succeed with first attempt. This matters most with skills that require ingredients, like crafting.

-Character has option to select three(?) skills in character creation.

-Normally, a single skill advances very slowly, and can be trained only by using the skill.

-"Training points" can be used to hasten the skill learning. Think it as if reading a manual how to do something better, and from that knowledge honing your skill quicker.

-Training points work for a certain amount, not time.

-Some actions have time they require to be completed.

Possible skills

-Parry (with weapon)
-Shield block
-Weapon "proficiencies" (which differ from actual skills - regarding character level etc? They're more like damage multipliers and how well a character is capable of handling a certain weapon-type, for example avoid being disarmed, parry with, or disarm with, etc...)
-Shield disarm

Skills with weapons
-Knowledge of weapons has two levels: First level is weapon class (sword, staff, spear, club, etc), while second level is weapon type under that class (shortsword, longsword, two-handed sword, etc...
-Character has high penalty to hit/dam-rolls and skill-rolls related to weapon (like parry), if using a weapon from class he has no knowledge of.

-Character has semi-high penalty to hit/dam-rolls and skill-rolls related to weapon (like parry), if using a weapon of type he has no knowledge of, but knows the weapon class.

-Using shortsword increases knowledge on both weapon type and class.
-Affect to skill type/class is not equal? Could be like (for example) +1 point to class-knowledge, and +2 to type-knowledge. (need thoughts for this!)

-Critical hits also doubles the learning - regadless does the damage land as double.

Ways to gain training-points
  • Gaining character-level
  • Quests
  • Rewards

-Much like skills regarding how to get, how to train, etc...

-Mana-requirement lowers SLIGHTLY as the spell-level increases.

-Could have same kind of structure as weapon-skills. Spells divided into classes, and so forth... (why a mage, who is excellent with fireball, would utterly suck with fire-arrow?)

-Some spells takes time to cast - turns while in battle, seconds while not in battle.
-Caster can abort a spell if it takes time to cast.
-If casting is interrupted by, like a wounding hit, spell fails. Dodging does not interrupt casting.
-Hit severity affects how likely casting fails: percentage of damage caused compared to health left and multiplied with 2(?), is the likelihood-% for the spell to fail?
-Spells that include spoken words have the spelled part cut, if length is long enough. This may give the other side time to react, if they know what spell is being cast.

Character Level

-Character's level is not visible?

-Gaining new level grants training points.

Three(?) highest skills determine the character's level
-Skill-levels in certain skill-class affects stats, like fighting-skills increases HP, while magery increases mana.

... OR...
Classic "experience points"-system
-If character gains new levels easily, the benefits are small. (like +1 to hp)
-If character gains new levels slowly, the benefits are - you guessed it - greater. (like +10 to hp)
-Casting spells gives exp.
-Gaining skill levels gives exp.
-Level-difference affects how much exp char gains from kill.

-Starting a fight within city causes high penalty to race reputation, while starting a fight in wilderness AND leaving a witness alive causes very mild penalty. Later also might have slight random chance to have the penalty right as the fight starts.

-Race-reputation is limited to "sentient" races, like "humans" and "goblins".

-With bad reputation towards a race, don't bother going into their towns, as you'll be attacked on sight.

-Conflict-level between two races affects "base level" of race reputation.
--Example situation: "humans" and "goblins" are at war, base level is -100.
--Char A, "human", has current reputation +10 towards "goblins".
--Char B, "goblin", has current reputation -110 towards "humans".
--War ends, base level changes to -20.
--Char A has current reputation +90 towards "goblins".
--Char B has current reputation -30 towards "humans".

-Level-difference also affects penalty, in other words is multiplier. Attacking higher leveled means less penalty, while attacking lower leveled means higher penalty.

-If level difference is high enough while attacking higher leveled, attacker may even earn race-reputation - assuming he wins the battle.


-All names appearing as like [human] will be changed to something original. The current way is to give a reader some idea what the being is going to be similar to - in both appearance and personality. Humans are going to be just plain humans, with name difference. Some characteristics MAY change.

-[humans] -- Human alike.
-[goblins] -- Goblin alike. From half to two third of human height, greeny skin, slender, do not prefer doing anything that requires very long range patience - as like farming, mostly nomadic hunter. Their villages are yet small, and only few stable settlements are done. Somewhat aggressive, thief is perhaps most common profession, well secondary being "raider" whom main job is raiding and looting neigbour species and small scale testing of defences of settlements of their own kind.
-Giants -- [no specific description yet]. They cannot wield daggers or other small weapons due to size difference. Biggest types of the giants cannot even wield normal swords properly, as they cannot have a good hold from the handle. All giants can use two-handed weapons in one hand (difference being their own two-handed weapons - the deadliest unenchanted melee-weapons, which are unusable for non-giant types due to huge size and weight).

As list of possible ones overall: (plus-mark represents "most likely to be used)
  • Strength (str) +
  • Wisdom (wis) +
  • Intelligence (int) +
  • Dexterity (dex) +
  • Agility (agi) (no reason to use with dex?)
  • Constitution (con) +
  • Luck (luc) (not indicated as number as other attributes - if visible at all) +
  • [the one that represents character's "sharp eyedness"] (intelligence overlaps, thus not needed?)
-Character's actions affects attributes. For example, battlemages find their wis+int increasing, while battle-hungry sword-swingers get more str+dex. For further example, those who train sword-skills within training-areas, find their str increasing a lot slower, and dexterity hardly at all. While those who are "sitting chatters" might have (very slow) increase in their wisdom and intelligence. Those who idle all the time, may see their attributes lowering over time.

-Quests have attribute-bonuses - at least for the first time (as some quests may be done more than once).

-There will be artifacts that work like "Training points".

-Main factor of
  • Weight-ability
  • Hit-roll
  • Damage-multiplier
-Ways to increase:
  • Traveling with heavy load (compared to character str)
  • Using heavy armour/weaponry
  • Melee-fighting
  • Ranged-fighting (in lesser amount)
-Affects amount of mana
-has slight effect on hit/dam-roll
-Ways to increase:
  • Traveling
  • Spell-casting
  • Fighting (lesser amount)
  • Skill-level gain
-Affects amount of mana
-has slight effect on hit/dam-roll
-Ways to increase:
  • Fighting (lesser amount)
  • Spellcasting
  • Skill-level gain
-Main factor of
  • hit-roll
  • AC (armor-class)
-Ways to increase:
  • Ranged-combat
  • Melee-combat (lesser)
  • Acrobatic acts
-Determines hitpoints
-Ways to increase:
  • Suffering disease/poisoning thru it's full duration (not healed from it)
-Affects many things, as (mainly) small multiplier, like to hit/dam-rolls, saving-rolls, crit-hits, etc...
-No way to increase, other than equipment/items/quests(?).

Items (and their possibilities)
-There will be items that are race-limited (only certain race can wear/wield it).
-Anyone can HOLD such item - as long as it's not spell-protected, and "race-allergy" doesn't hit in. If enchantment is not sophisticated, even that will grant the benefits of the item.

-Heavy armour will hinder movement, thus armour-weight compared to character strength lowers dexterity.

Special artifacts
-There could be books, that actually tell real facts about, for example, how to handle a bow, and if player really reads the book throhough, it would be as if added training-point for a skill(s) with bow.

-Worns out in use.
-Armor can be fixed and patched, while blade-type weapons can be sharpened, and so forth.
-Most equipment have a limit how much they can be repaired (it "ages"). After certain amount of repairing ("aging"), further attempts to repair indicate that it's not possible to repair further without causing more harm to item. After that, equipment wears out until break apart.
-Repair kits (spare parts) for repairing weapons and armors. One kit has limited amount of repair-times, comparable to wands' charges. Refillable.
-Single kit (and variations from it), to keep things a bit more simple?
-Some equipment need only a tool for repairing (like sword needs just a tool for sharpening).
-No anvil is required for patching and sharpening, even if the piece is made out of metal.
-Repairing gear in proper environment has lesser effect on aging the equipment.
-Certain spells make it possible to repair gear so that it does not age.
-There will be NPC mage-smiths who will do the same.
-Strongest NPC mage-smiths can reverse (=reset) the aging of equipment.
-Sometimes weapons may break due to extremely strong hit.
-Aging affects the likelihood of weapon breakdown.
-Character can choose to keep the weapon parts, and repair the weapon, if it is possible.
-Style of breakdown determines the easiness of repairing. If spear with wooden handle snaps to half, char needs only a new handle, that can be made of wood, and attach the old spear-tip on it. If sword breaks half, that requires anvil, and skill with blacksmithing.
-In some cases, even a broken weapon is better than bare hands.

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Post by Hiugin » 15 Nov 2010, 06:11

I took a quick glance, but looks promising. Will take closer look tomorrow. When will you start coding? xD

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Hiugin wrote:When will you start coding? xD
Perhaps next year. There's few important changes I need to do to Forge's frame that will have impact to the coming code of the game - as I will transfer over some code.

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Updates? I can assist in coding if you'd like :-). And discussing of how it should work etc.

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No updates so far regarding the game. Life's been so exhausting that I had even a pause of ~month in coding of the Forge's frame. But thanks for the interest, it propably will inspire least some. :)