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Useful links

Very extensive source for web-coding. (link was incorrect for a long time, my apologies!)
Valo-CD is collection of free applications for Windows, which easily replace costly programs.
Site about Mac-emulation. Emulators which run both old OS (7.5-9.04) and X. Of course, includes guides how to make 'em work.
A blog upkept by Brian Krebs, that tells you the latest news on the field of computer security.
Aleph One is a project that brings old classic - Marathon - on your Mac OS X, as well as on Linux and Windows, and with internet play!
Sword and magic-style roleplay-game, that's graphically lame compared to WoW, but community, lack of cheaters and guard of gamemasters definitely beats many other games.
Free email address with few gigabytes of messagespace? Utopia? Nope. (Only negative side is, that Google did support Chinese goverment with their attempts to hide truth from their own citizens.)
Neat common tool, which allows you to (for example) control some of the 'hidden' functions of Mac OS X, and do some useful mainentance-actions.
More advanced than Safari; safer, more stable and more user friendly than IE; doesnt include all the useless stuff as Opera, but extendable to such. Stole user from Safari.
With this tool you can test how good is the quality of the code (HTML, CSS, etc.) on your site.
Dictionary to train your pononuncing with.
Free image editing software almost alike Photoshop.
Text editing, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, database. M$ Office? Oh no, something definitely cheaper, and least as useful. Also capable of handling all those M$ Office files, too.
Version of Open Office, which is modified for Mac, utilizing X's own features better.
Vine Server(OSXvnc) is a robust, full-featured VNC server for MacOS X. It allows VNC clients to remotely view or control the machine.
Finnish price-comparison -tool.
Working and relatively easy-to-use media player.
Multitool of Instant Messaging. Contains lots of protocols, but doesn't specificate to any of them.
As an Instant Messenger nothing special, but clear gains are relatively good quality of sound and video, and platform indepency - which means that it works on mac, linux and windows.
This driver helps with lots of webcams when you're using mac.
Free, extensive dictionary. Can search even for word-pairs. User-editable, in wikipedia-style.
I use this in conjunction with kaannos.com.
Operating systems
If windoze makes you sick, and you don't feel like buying a Mac, then this is one option, and even free. Linux based, leaning towards Windows with appearance. Testing doesn't require installing, and installing doesn't require emptying of harddrive. Applications with grapical user-interface are less in amount than with Ubuntu.
Extremely light version fron Linux, works even on PC with CPU slower than 100MHz. Uncustomized version takes as much as 50Mb space from media you put it on. Excellent tool - can mount even partition where Kubuntu complains that it can't (for example user permissions, partition "in use", etc).
Appearance is between mac and win. Recommended.