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PS/2-male / USB-female adapter40.10 €--PS/2 / USB
PS/2-female / DE-9-female adapter31 €--PS/2 / DE-9
DIN-female / PS2-male adapter12 €--DIN / PS/2
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PS/2-male / USB-female adapter;;0.10;;4;;-;;-;;PS/2 / USB;;Adapter that allows attaching of USB-keyboard or -mouse onto PS2-socket.;;21.9.2012;;21.9.2012;;0;;0
PS/2-female / DE-9-female adapter;;1;;3;;-;;-;;PS/2 / DE-9;;Allows attaching of PS2-device onto serial-socket.;;21.9.2012;;21.9.2012;;0;;0
DIN-female / PS2-male adapter;;2;;1;;-;;-;;DIN / PS/2;;With this adapter you can attach PS2-keyboard onto computer's DIN-socket (5-pin DIN).;;21.9.2012;;21.9.2012;;0;;0

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